• Terms & conditions

    1. Regulations of FIFA / UEFA and KNVB are appropriate.

    2. Application goes by the subscription form provided by sports club Gramsbergen.

    3. When a team receives the message they are accepted in the tournament, an amount of € 65,00 (per team) must be forwarded on Bank account number IBAN: NL69RABO0322755255 BIC: RABONL2U It belongs to: SV Gramsbergen. Name bank: Rabobank Groep. Adress: Bezantijnenstraat 4, 7783 BR Gramsbergen.

    4. Teams who withdraw after receiving acceptation by the tournament committee to participate, pay a fine of maximal EUR 1000,00. The team’s entry fee will not be refunded under any circumstance.

    Note: for housing and catering apply other conditions . See section 7

    5. Other payments must be made in accordance with the financial instructions given by SV Gramsbergen.

    6. Cancellations or changes in housing or catering must be made in writing. The cancellation date will be the date of receipt of the written notice to SV Gramsbergen.

    7. On cancellation, the following costs must be paid: after the 15th of February 2020 25% of the total costs; after the 15th of April 2020 50% of the total costs; after the 15th of May 2020, 75% of the full costs have to be paid. After that, the full costs have to be paid before the tournament starts.

    8. Every team must have a leader who is older than 18 and he or she must be a member of the club that participates. This leader is responsible for damage to property of others, that was caused by one or more members of the team.

    9. If a team uses an accommodation provided, the members must observe any prevailing guidelines, and have to pay a deposit for their stay.

    10. If an entrant causes any trouble, the entrant may be excluded from the tournament or from the accommodation. Any resulting costs shall be at the relevant entrant’s expense.

    11. SV Gramsbergen is not liable for any damage or injury or any nature whatsoever caused during your stay at the tournament and/or stay at Gramsbergen. SV Gramsbergen is also not liable on partially or even complete cancellation of the tournament due to extreme (weather) circumstances.

    12. Upon entry, it is assumed that the board of the participating football club (see point 2) and the team leaders (see point 8) are in agreement with the general conditions described above.