• Terms & conditions

    1. The rules and regulations for (inter)national tournaments that are determined by the FIFA/UEFA/KNVB apply to this tournament.
    2. Registration will take place via a registration form which will be supplied by SV Gramsbergen and which has to be filled in by a member of the club concerned. Upon receiving the form, the organisation will process it.
    3. Each club will receive confirmation of acceptation of the enrolment. The club subsequently has to pay € 75,00 per team to the IBAN number: NL69RABO0322755255. BIC: RABONL2U. Name of bank: Rabobank Groep. In the name of SV Gramsbergen. Please state the name of your club and team in the description.
    4. Clubs that withdraw their enrolment after confirmation of participation by SV Gramsbergen can be charged a fine of up to € 1000,00 per team. Excluded from this is a commitment for the national team. The enrolment fee will not be refunded. Note: different terms and conditions apply to overnight stays. Please refer to section 7.
    5. Payments for overnight stays have to take place via a financial overview, to be provided by SV Gramsbergen.
    6. Changes or cancellations for overnight stays and catering have to take place in writing or through email. The date of change or cancellation will be the date on which SV Gramsbergen receives the letter or email.
    7. For cancellations of overnight stays, the following costs will be charged: before April 15th 2023, 25% of the payment due. Before May 15th 2023, 50% of the payment due. Before June 15th 2023, 75% of the payment due. After this the total amount will be charged.
    8. Each team should be led by an adult, who is a member of the club concerned. This adult will be held accountable for damage to property of third parties, caused by the actions of one or more team members.
    9. If a club uses a form of accommodation, the users will have to obey to the regulations that apply in the accommodation. A deposit will need to be paid.
    10. If a participant/team leader causes any inconvenience, this person can be excluded from further participation and/or stay. All resulting costs are to be paid by the person and/or club concerned.
    11. SV Gramsbergen is not liable for theft, injury or damage of any kind, originated during the tournament and stay or in case of partial or complete cancellation of the tournament relating to special circumstances/weather conditions.
    12. Upon enrolment in the tournament it is assumed that the board of the club concerned (refer to 2) and the appointed team leader (refer to 8) have understood and agree to the terms and conditions as described above.